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On one of my more noteworthy achievements is that I’m still alive. I can’t really describe the change in perspective after one of the night staff at a mental health hospital intervened saving my life.

Afterwards I explained about my dysphoria, and other symptoms, the staff were more friendly, used the proper name and were more informed of my family circumstances, after I found out about another in-patient who was intimidating.

Since coming out of hospital last year, I’ve often had bouts of depression and weird emotions, from a sense of longing somewhere I’ve never been nor can place, nostalgia varying wildly in severity, and to a feeling of being misplaced. Like I’m still stuck in how I felt when I was at Secondary (high) School; confused, alone and feeling misunderstood, and that time hasn’t progressed. I feel young, and afraid.

So I make Art. I cringe a little at using a roleplaying character I have for this, but as the longest character I’ve molded and thought about stories and adventures, in a vague sense of escapism, it kinda brings comfort that they didn’t entirely die either. Lately, I’ve been writing and drawing more frequently, if there is one thing I want done it’s to show people the world I was living in, like Celephaïs.

I’m at a Convention and because I’m  Asocial I’m doing art for people who live miles away. I did a stream of consciousness poem to go with this.


Anybody could be
Everybody should see
2D three too

Geometry is a pain
When you’re in the game
up is down, your going
round and round, headtrip!

Spherical Dirt, Ambient Mood Shirt
I see the sky
looking back
it’s not be that’s gonna dye

I change Volume
You always assume
I can’t be anyone
But I am Everyone